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From the depths of their inner life, let them love, honor, adore, serve,

praise, bless and glorify our most high and eternal God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit

–The Franciscan Rule

The Rule and Constituions call the Franciscan Sisters  to a regularity of prayer, sacramental life and spiritual exercizes, which nurture the religious’ union with Christ.  No work can be successful without a deep prayer life.

The daily pattern of a religious’ lfe includes:

  • The Holy Eucharist or Communion Service
  • The Liturgy of the Hours–Morning Prayer, Noon Office, Evening Prayer and Compline
  • Meditation before the Blessed Sacrament–From the Eucharist, a consecrated person draws courage, joy and the tenderness of Christ’s love.

Other exercizes of our common life include:

  • Monthly Quiet Days and annual retreat
  • Fasting and Sacrifice
  • A rich sacramental life

The rule, constitution and formation for our religious calls them to live a Christian faith based spirituality, responding and cooperating with grace, to grow in union with God, through love and union of their will with God’s will.

St. Francis was adamant that we must live lives of loving tenderness, humility and continual conversion.  He was passionate that we live a deeply sacramental life in union with the Church and study and pattern our lives on Sacred Scripture and apostolic teaching.

The postulant and novice ordinarily learn many new forms and techniques of prayer, especially those that are dear to the Franciscan religious family, but each is given time and space for the uniqueness of their own devotional life.

Prayer is the primary work of the order, and the religious spend 14-29 hours a week in prayer and sacramental life, as described above.  The community members are also involved in prayer walking, community intercession groups, inner healing prayer and other ministries of prayer.

Franciscan Missionaries of Divine Compassion

311 6th Street, Winona Lake, IN 46590

(574) 453-1082


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