Shrine of Divine Mercy

The Shrine of Divine Mercy is a dream, a garden, a place of prayer with museum style teaching.

–an ecumenical ministry of evangelization and healing

–a place to instill hope and skill

–a tourist attraction and outreach along the walking trails of a tourist attraction

–a place to focus on teaching about the power of prayer and how to receive forgiveness of sins

–with regard to the power of prayer, practical Scriptural teaching about how to pray effectively and human examples of powerful intercession and resulting miracles and teaching about inner healing prayer and resulting escape from pain and the crazy thinking that causes crazy behavior (personality disorders)

–with regard to the forgiveness of sins, Biblical teaching and examples of how various denominations experience the release of guilt of shame & new or renewed empowering union with Jesus Christ

–a place for volunteer hosts and intercessors to minister graciously to people from far and near

–a place of reflection and prayer


The Divine Mercy image represents the love and mercy flowing from the heart of Jesus to humanity.  We would like to use a giant lighted image, landscaped grounds, a small chapel/theatre with a repeating video, side walking to make the garden handicapped accessible, statues and signage to proclaim the message.  A bookstore would also be a dream.  And we also need to endow ongoing marketing to bring people to the proposed Shrine of Divine Mercy.

So many people are afraid to set foot in a church.  They are hurting and lost.  Others are craving renewal.  Our society has lost touch with the power of prayer to change lives and situations.  People need to know that prayer can change things.  They need people to witness to the power of prayer and to pray with them.  They need to be introduced to Jesus, the sin-forgiver and healer and connected to Him in a more vital and life-giving way.

We estimate that this project will cost about $50,000.  We will make it happen if the funds are provided.  Please help us fund this project for Jesus’ sake.  You can help by writing a check to the Missionaries of Divine Compassion, marked Shrine Fund.


land 20,000

Icon 1,000

Icon House  2,000

Chapel/Theatre 6,000

Computer/TV  1,500

Video Development 8,000

Sidewalks, land clearing  ???

Signage   1,000

Fencing  1,000

Statues, art, landscaping ???

Lighting, electricity???

Professional Fees?

Marketing (website, brochures, distribution to rest stops, hotels, etc.)????



Posted February 2, 2017 by franciscanmdc

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