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We are a religious order seeking to live the consecrated life while loving, serving and evangelizing the people in our community.  We recognize that the poverty of the west is greater than the poverty of the third world, a spiritual poverty, people who are not loved, do not know Jesus, do not have any sense of meaning, or value, and often do not even like themselves.  Therefore, the first work of the order will be in Christian Formation and direct evangelization.  We want everyone to be able to access the healing forgiveness of Christ.

It is the intention of the foundation to train every sister as a catechist and evangelist so that she will take that missionary spirit with her in all her works.  Recognizing the importance of the key areas of pastoral strategy for evangelization in the western world, the foundation has a special concern for strengthening the Christian family, education that passes on Christian values, Christian Education and Formation and direct evangelization.

In addition, the foundation envisions strengthening parishes in the way they pass on and strengthen the faith by placing religious in parish communities.

We work in ordinary parish churches and community organizations, primarily, at this time, in catechesis and evangelization.   We work to address the spiritual poverty, by meeting the deepest needs of all.

We can do so little by our works of love, but if we bring our people to Jesus, He can transform lives and families and pour out blessings beyond comprehension.

Ministries the FMDC is Involved with

Divine Compassion House (retreats, spiritual direction, inner healing)

Alpha Course

Shrine of Divine Mercy

Christian Education

Combined Community Services    http://www.combinedcommunityservices.org/

Anglican Missionary Tract Project http://anglicanmission.tripod.com/

Theophostic Prayer Ministry (and training) http://www.theophostic.com/

Heartline Pregnancy Center  http://www.heartlinepregnancycenter.org/

Intercession Seminars

Retreats, Quiet Days, Youth Events

Children’s Retreats

St. Michael’s Conference http://saintmichaelsconference.com/

Franciscan Missionaries of Divine Compassion

311 6th Street, Winona Lake, IN 46590

(574) 453-1082


Posted May 24, 2011 by franciscanmdc

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