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We believe it is time for a new religious order with a special charism from God to bring the Gospel to the people, the people to the Sacraments and the tender love of Jesus Christ to everyone.

It was for this reason that the Franciscan Missionaries of Divine Compassion developed from the Heart of God.

This new foundation is for women and men in active ministry or called to the contemplative life. Dedicated under the title of the Divine Compassion to the love of God, it naturally finds its heart focused on the Heart of God, as we know Him present to us in the Eucharist and serve Him in the people. It is our desire to quench the thirst of Jesus on the Cross for love of souls and to love Jesus in all those around us, bearing witness in the gentle Christian spirit, to the Divine Compassion.  Thus, our charism is love.

The Franciscan Way has always been deeply Great Commission focused, and, so, our religious are missionaries at home, with a real desire and attention to bringing the Gospel to the people and the people to the sacraments.  Our particular way of life has been greatly influenced by our foundress’ work with Mother Teresa of Calcutta’s own community;  thus we share with this religious family a passion to quench the thirst of Jesus by drawing men and women to him.

The community exists, by the grace of God, to glorify God, through the loving communion of persons more fully consecrated to Him through religious vows.  Through fidelity to the apostolic faith, fidelity to our vocations, and fidelity to prayer, we strive to build up a community God can use to bring His life into the world.    The institute centers its life around the daily Eucharist and Divine Office, a constant sacrifice of praise, in a spirit of total surrender, loving trust and cheerfulness. 


Posted May 24, 2011 by franciscanmdc

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